Decisions That Haunt Us

Have you ever made a decision that you wish you could take back? Has it ever followed you around for decades?

The leading man Hyun Ki Kan in Guarding Angel has done just that. The pressure from his family cost him the true love of his life, locked him in a marriage he didn’t want and nearly controlled the rest of his life. But now he’s living the life he enjoys working as a U.S. Marshal at the top tier of the Special Conditions Witness Protection program. He’s divorced thanks to his unfaithful wife. Life is splendid—well, except for getting shot while guarding witnesses that don’t understand the meaning of no contact with anybody rules.

Life is grand, and then a past decision comes back to haunt him. The very woman he hurt in high school is the very woman he’s now assigned to protect. While he’s ready to reclaim what could be a forever kind of love with her, she’s not so forgiving.

She’s stubborn and he’s a man who has grown into his own being. The two are each a category five hurricane waiting to hit each other’s life. When their storms collide can they survive? Or will one epic mistake cause one fatal disaster?

Here’s a small excerpt from Guarding Angel.

Guarding-save-for-web possible nook cover uploadEXCERPT

“Are you sure they can’t get me somebody else? I mean there has to be more available people than you.”

A rough snarl tore from his throat. “You get this straight now,” he stalked toward her. She hadn’t had time to move before he caged her in by placing his hands on either side of her body which forced her to try to retreat backwards until she realized the back cushion of the sofa was too solid to escape through.

“You might be harboring some adolescent grudge toward me but I have a job to do here. I will do my job whether you like it or not,” he glared at her. “I will keep you alive. Stop being a child and woman up,” he snapped as he leaned in closer to her. She felt her anger rising. “Impulsive and apparently not smart enough to let things go. It’s been well over a decade, Angel; let it go. Maybe if you had done that you could have saved your marriage—”

She heard the hard smack against his face before she realized her hand had been the thing that caused it. Her hand cupped her mouth as she gasped and her eyes widened. She hadn’t meant to do that. She had never done that to anybody before. “I…oh my God. I didn’t mean to do that.” But was she sorry she had? No. She had wanted to do that the moment he broke her heart. That slap was seventeen years late.

Coming July 1, 2014.



  1. Bought Guarding Angel on (Amazon kindle) on Friday and did not put it down till I finished – okay, I did go to sleep but only because my eyes made me – but then up early Saturday morning and finished it! It was AWESOME! I like to think that there really could be such a man in this world…….

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