Monday Musings ~ Here Comes July

Squealing loudly because July is almost here and that means Guarding Angel will be released. I’m so excited about this book so I can’t wait for you all to have a chance to read it too. Here’s a small look at the plot and another look at the cover. <Sigh> I love this story.

The amazing thing is that this wasn’t supposed to be written. It wasn’t a planned story and it most definitely wasn’t something that was scheduled for the Special Ops Witness Protection line. But when a story calls, and keeps calling, a story must be written. As it stands it’s really my favorite of this segment because I attached to the characters the most out of the books I have written for this segment. It’s kind of like what happened with On Thin Ice as part of the Search and Rescue segment. Some characters just pull on my heart and mind and they just take over. While I can’t pick an all time favorite book I can say that On Thin Ice and Guarding Angel are both my top runners in this series.

Anyway…here is a look at Guarding Angel.

Guarding-save-for-web possible nook cover upload“I can’t change what I did, Angel. I can’t change it and you can’t forgive me either; can you?”

Hyun Ki Kan is the Special Conditions U.S. Marshal assigned to protect Angel Ducain. Unfortunately for him there is a history behind them that won’t make his job easy. Out of all the assignments to get he can’t help but have mixed feelings when Angel’s disdain makes being stuck in a house alone with her seem that much more taxing.

She’s still beautiful, but she’s changed in so many ways. Her new disability complicates things, but so does his heart. He wants a second chance with her but first he must keep her alive. When one of her now deceased ex-husband’s legal cases come full circle to haunt her she’s going to have to trust him to keep her safe. But trust isn’t easy when the man guarding her is the very man who broke her heart in the first place.

Can she forgive him? Or will memories from the past complicate the present and cause both of their demise?

I’ll share excerpts this week too, so don’t forget to check back on this blog for more.


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