Fly on the Wall Sunday: Behind the Blog

If you have been reading my blogs over the years then you know I’m kind of all over the place. I love a lot of different things. Books, baking, music, art, nature, knitting and sewing find their way into this blog from time to time too. So it’s probably a shocker that I stayed in focus for the June Month of Writing on this blog huh? Well, to be honest, I wrote all the posts in the first Sunday of this month. I spent time throughout the month editing them, but at least the posts were written in first draft status so there wasn’t a lot of wiggle room for my other interests.

I left the option open for people to let me know what they might want to know more about by way of writing topics. I’ll wrap up with the Month of Writing posts this week.

Next Sunday puts us in a new week so with it being a new month soon I’ll also be taking this blog back to some level of normalcy.

If you have a writing topic you want to read about send me a message via the contact page on this blog and I will see what I can do to work it into the blog postings.

Thanks for joining me this month you all :).


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