Grow with Words

eschew ~ to avoid habitually especially on moral or practical grounds :  shun

Source: Merriam Webster Dictionary


I have not taken a picture in the dress yet, but here is a look at what it included. All beading was sewn on one at a time by hand…that kind of takes a while you know. But since I sewed on the gemstones for the green formal dress I made a while back I was kind of used to the hours, days, weeks, and sometimes months of work that goes into beading. Sewing has definitely helped me appreciate even more than I already did the cost of some of the gowns that are sold. I didn’t complain about it before when I saw something that I thought was definitely top quality, but after doing beading and sewing I think it gave me an entirely new respect for designer gowns and clothes. If not the hours of work that goes into these things, then credit should definitely be given for all the blood, sweat and tears that are contributed. Gosh those pins and needles sure do like to poke holes in fingers.

Dress Creation in Progress Dress Creation


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