Love, Music and IR Books

I actually heard this song yesterday for the first time. Somebody had used it in the advertisement for their book. It wasn’t an IR book, but the song, the lyrics to this, made me think of interracial romance.

You just can’t help who you love.

Oh, no you can’t help it.

No matter what you do

I’m colorblind when it comes to you.

These are words that, to me, in interracial relationships can ring true as well. In any relationship actually because thinking of being colorblind it could go beyond the color of somebody’s skin and look into the color of their past. Maybe they’re not the perceivable perfect, but maybe they are really a good person–somebody you can love if you open your eyes. But since I’m talking IR this week let’s link it to interracial romance books.

All of the books I write are multicultural or interracial. I tend to write a leading lady I can relate to either because she has a little bit of me, or a little bit of what I saw in my world growing up and moving all around this country as an adult. Sometimes she’s just in my imagination. I also love making my leading lady some kind of black, mixed, full, dark, light or a soft shade of brown is all within my leading lady arsenal. I love seeing black women get the romantic, chivalrous leading man, and I really love seeing that man go after the woman he wants.

For all of my realistic trains of thought there is a romantic within me hoping that people can find the love of their life, fight hard to make it work, and grow old loving each other, living with each other in a harmonic balance that brings peace to their heart in an otherwise un-peaceful world.

I’m a realist and a dreamer all at the same time. So while I don’t see much hope in the world these days I like building that hope into fictional worlds. Guarding Angel is one of those books for me. It’s suspense romance and blends into a series, but when I wrote it I wrote from my heart in a lot of ways. Bringing these two characters together felt really good. This one isn’t out until next month, but I will say that I think it’s one of the ones I like best so far in the Witness Protection segment of the Special Ops line of books. I’ll tell you all more about it soon.

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