The Leading Man

I have been writing so long that I think I have gone through almost every ethnicity I know of with my writing. I love diversity; however, I have some standard fall backs. I tend to make my characters mixed because that’s the world I know, but sometimes they aren’t. Sometimes they are mixed culturally by way of Irish-American, Cuban-American, or Irish and British, etc.

The guys that I like in real life, and you probably wouldn’t know this if you’re basing it on my leading men in a lot of my books, are Japanese men. I have a thing for Japanese men. I remember the first one I crushed on because I was a little girl and he was a much older actor. Yeah, in case you haven’t guessed it by now, I like older men.

I’m pretty eclectic on what I find attractive by way of looks. Personality remains constant, but looks, while still kind of constant, has wiggle room. I like Irish men, Aussies, Hawaiian guys. Yep, I’m open because looks aren’t the end all be all to a relationship, but those are the guys who typically draw me in. Since I crush on these guys in reality they often find their way into my stories some kind of way—like in Dream Walker where I have my Native guy. The world is a mixture of people and cultures so I like to mix it up in my books too.

As I say, the world is not black and white so I don’t see why my fictional worlds have to be either.

I’ll be back tomorrow with news about where you should find me next year.


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