Fly on the Wall Sunday: What’s in a Genre

Everybody has something they like or don’t like to read. I actually like suspense romance while I am not a deep rooted fan of romance books.

It wasn’t until later in my writing life that I started building relationships even in my mysteries. It just happened. Somebody gets murdered, somebody has to figure out Who Done It (sometimes my leading lady is the crime solver) and somebody falls in love. Yeah, the leads always ended up having some kind of chemistry. But because I wasn’t writing romance, I was writing mystery, I never realized that it was falling into more of a cross genre type thing.

I wrote science fiction too, that also started linking my leading man and lady together. One day I realized I was writing what some would call suspense-romance, and science fiction with a hint of romance.

Fast forward to today where I realized something else I write that I didn’t realize was kind of a genre (I guess) under the umbrella of romance—Interracial Romance. For most of my writing life I didn’t even know other people were writing about it. But I’ll talk about that next time.


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