After Edits

The edits are done. The editor has finished; I’m finished; the story is ready. So what comes next? Publishing; right? No, not so much. Some of my stories I do publish not long after edits are done and some I don’t. I tend to hang on to them. Some of them never see the light of publication for others to read. Some of them I get in print and put on my shelf, never to be released. Some of them just sit down there on the floor, like the three print proof copies I have down there now, and patiently wait for me to decide what I’m doing next.

The longer a book sits with me the more likely I am to edit again. This is not always a bad thing. While I do put at least a few days in between each round of edits I find that waiting longer actually helps the eyes and brain notice things that may have been missed. A couple months in between gives a fresh look on the story and sometimes I see changes that I’d like to make.

Editing is a good thing; no matter how exhausting or uninteresting it may be at times it is still needed. Editing can also be a detriment. A writer can spend so much time picking at the flaws that she/he can’t see the good parts, release the work, and move on to the next journey.

If you’re planning on being a published writer remember the importance of editing. Find your grove and what works for you, and do it. Always remember that at some point you simply have to let it go and move onward.


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