Monday Musings ~ Short Becomes Longer

Yesterday I talked about getting started with writing and today I’m talking about stories that take off and end up being more than planned. Heart of Danger was that way for me.

Heart of Danger At first I thought Heart of Danger would be a short story. I really wasn’t looking to write a longer story at the time. I thought maybe six, seven thousand words at most. But as they say, write the story in as many words as it takes to tell the story not one more, not one less. Six thousand words was so not it for this one.

How the Story Formed

Well you see there was this song :). I was doing a music Mondays thing on Facebook (until I found out that just because it’s on YouTube does not mean it’s legally there) and while searching for songs I found Selena Gomez. Yeah, the very song that my leading lady is dancing to at the beginning of the book. I very much liked the song and it definitely got replayed a lot that morning. But I also got the scene for the night out in my head. Suddenly I knew she liked the leading man, but had never told him because she works for the Search and Rescue unit and things can get sticky that way. Plus she’s waiting to see if he wants her. Being as he, too, is retired military she figured he was one of those guys who would just go after what he wants without fear. Since he hadn’t came for her he clearly didn’t want her—but that doesn’t mean her heart could detach from him.

After I wrote that first scene I knew the story wasn’t going to be short, but I didn’t know my leading lady was going to get kidnapped in Australia, taken to a drug lord’s house in Columbia and end up becoming The Package—what they always called those who needed to be rescued.

This story came to me as I wrote, slept, cleaned and did other things.

I had fun with this story. But I will say that now, every time I hear this song, I think of this story.

Tomorrow I’ll talk about what happens when the first draft is done.


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