Building the Character Part II

Let’s continue onward with building the character. Here’s a look at how I named the characters for The Sixth Sentinel.The Sixth Sentinel electronic cover

I went in search of names that fit my characters. I knew my characters’ personality parts that were important. I knew the storyline and where it was going with the time travel and genetic science assisted evolution changes to humans after an epic war leaving Earth uninhabitable above ground for thousands of years, and I knew once they did emerge they, like humans seem to have issues with now, would never know how to live in peace.

Knowing all this meant I wanted names that represented my characters and for that I hit the Internet with swift typing and loads of reading.

Names were important for all the characters so I researched names, meaning behind names, origin of names, and made a growing list of the ones I was sure I wanted to use and those that might be used. I do this with all of my characters unless I have a name for my leading characters already in mind. Sometimes I combine names and sometimes I make them up too…but that’s another post for sure.

Of course a character is more than a name. I’ll be back next time talking about building the character behind the name.


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