Fly on the Wall Sunday: A Look Inside This Writer’s World

Hi there and welcome to June. I hope everybody has been making this year as great as they can. Today I’m going to discuss writing, and my world as a writer.

I have been writing for years in poetry, fiction, technical, and non fiction writing. From legal to medical, to golf and sports, I, at one point in time, was writing it either by way of companies that I worked for, or for myself. However, writing was never a career I aspired to have. Funny how life works out isn’t it.

One thing I’ve noticed during this writing  journey is that you will win some and lose some. Not only are pirates distributing more copies than people will buy legally, but Amazon makes it easy for people to treat their site like a library, which does hurt the author’s income and is also discouraging.

Something else I encountered would be the control freaks. These were the people who did not like that I was writing romance because romance is obviously the root of all writing evils. God forbid two people actually fall in love in a book.

Serenity Point Ebook CoverI don’t put sex scenes in every story, but sometimes they go in there. There is always a reason for everything that goes into one of my books. Like with Serenity Point, Cash lost his wife in a violent crime. He feels guilty because they were surrounded by cops—he was one of them—and because she wouldn’t have been there if he hadn’t gotten a call that a case he was working was going to break the night of their anniversary. Lunch was their way to be together and celebrate. So she wouldn’t have gotten killed if those events hadn’t happened. He’s angry, more so with himself, and he flees to Serenity Point. Unfortunately for him, the woman he moves next door to reminds him of his now dead wife.

He can’t run away and his heart and mind are at war. I think when people actually read beyond the romance of the story, and the suspense parts, they would probably see the slow change that comes to him. Psychologically he is at war with his heart and his mind. And I think that the progression of the inner war can be seen in his reaction to his neighbor. The love scene for these two was a turning point for his character and I felt it was important to the story.

Of course I have always analyzed things, and I was a psych major so perhaps that is why I think beyond the surface and really try to understand the characters.

It’s like when I read another writer’s work I’m thinking of why the characters do what they do, and what may have led them to making a decision. Sometimes I feel sorry for the characters. Sometimes I see the train wreck ahead and I think, no don’t go there. When I’m reading an author’s work it’s great to be able to really connect with the characters enough to care and to want to understand why they do what they do.

With my own work, there are those who have said  they will never buy one of my books because the covers look too sexual. These same people are anti-romance in general, but apparently they don’t bother to read a book before forming an opinion off a cover. Whatever. People who assume will never know what the books are about because they won’t even bother to read the book before judging it. They’ll never know the emotional or psychological aspects of the story, the adventure, the inner war, or the happy places. That’s okay with me. I write because I love to write and of course, like anybody should know, it doesn’t mean everybody will read it or like it when they do.

So that’s a look inside my writing world—some of the things I deal with and the some of the things that go into building one of my stories. I think I’ll talk writing a little bit more this month.

Thanks for reading. Shoot me questions via the contact form if you have something about writing that you would like me to discuss–you never know, I just might do it here on the blog.



  1. I love your post. You have to remember that some people are just sex crazy they get off on reading about sex. They are not educated enough to appreciate a good story. They live, eat, sleep and think about nothing but sex. The sex in books and movies maybe it is helping them to feel something they can’t get in real life.. Keep writing the way you are doing, there are some intelligent people out there that don’t live their lives just for sex. They like the idea of being able to read and enjoy a good story. Beside those who think that sex is romance is in for a rude awaken.

    • Hi. Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your comment and your opinion. I really couldn’t imagine writing any other way than what I already do and being happy with the outcome of the book. I will definitely make sure that what goes into the book has a true reason for being there.

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