Fly on the Wall Sunday: Thomas McGregor

Thomas McGregor is one of the very much loved Men of Action. I’m glad people really liked him because he is one of the good guys for sure.

Thomas has his first main story in Secrets and Lies. He’s a PI and Thena Davis is a woman in need of his services. She’s a handful and he is a man determined to keep her safe while figuring out how to bring closure to a long ago committed murder.

Vendetta His second story as main character is in Vendetta when he finally catches up with the man who betrayed his military team and got everybody, except for Thomas, killed. This story saw a return of many of the Men of Action main men and the ladies as well while really introducing some upcoming men in the series.

Stories can be read alone, but are much better reading in order since some of the back story on Thomas does come up in previous books. For Vendetta some of that back story emerges in Secrets and Lies.

Excerpt from Secrets and Lies:

She might not realize it, but she needed protection; she needed his help. He wouldn’t let anybody hurt her. She said she didn’t want him working the case from the angle of who had just tried to kill her—tough. He was going to look into both whether she wanted him to or not. In his book it was probably, if not definitely, related to her mother’s murder.

“So, Mr. McGregor; how much is your fee?”

“Thomas,” he practically ordered. He hated when people called him by his last name—most people anyway…especially beautiful women. “Two fifty an hour.”

She inhaled sharply. “Oh,” she lowered her eyes to the floor. “Wow…that much…”

He watched her nibble on her bottom lip as if trying to figure out if she could afford him. “If it’s a problem—”

“No…no problem.”

He could tell it was indeed a problem. Just how exactly was she planning to pay his fee?

“I can get the money.”

Get the money—that meant she didn’t have it. He wasn’t sure he wanted to know what she was going to have to do to get it. He shifted his ink pen between his fingers. “Look, I’ll run a tab. If I get answers for you then you can pay the full amount in affordable installments; that won’t put you out,” and he meant that in every possible sense of the word. “If I don’t get answers for you then your case is on the house.” He never made a deal like that. He wasn’t sure why he was making it now other than the fact that he was probably thinking with the wrong head.

Secrets and Lies and Vendetta are both available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Lulu. The print books are on sale on Lulu until June 15, 2014.


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