Wednesdays with the Arts: Sometimes Size Really Does Matter

Often I hear this great debate on size and if it matters or not. Sometimes I think the arguments vary based on the person giving them, but in this case size really does matter. Now if your mind wandered off toward male anatomy please come back to the G rated side. I’m talking clothing—vanity sizing to be exact.

I know some people don’t believe in it while others do. I firmly believe vanity sizing does exist.

Sizing seems to be a huge deal for a lot of women. Somebody once said it shouldn’t matter because it’s not like anybody can see the size anyway. That’s true. It’s not like we walk around with a big I wear (insert size here) hanging over our head. The person then said if it bothers you that much just rip the label out. LOL, yep that will do it for you too. However, size does matter when it comes to fit. I would rather buy a size larger than the number I’m used to seeing than walk around with my flesh bulging out of the waistband of whatever I’m wearing simply because buying the smaller number was like finding the Holy Grail or something.

I technically wear 10-12 sizes more in actual pattern sizes than what the vanity sizing dictates. Would the number bother me if store bought clothing and actual pattern sizes in clothing were the same? Nope. As long as the outfit fits then the number doesn’t matter to me.

Someone in the conversation suggested that instead of putting the size on a label that the measurements be placed there. I can see so many problems with that change, but that’s a topic for some other time.

Current sewing progress: 1 Dress done (with my mom’s help), 3 more to finish—so far all ideas have changed while sewing due to ideas working so much better in my head than in reality and sewing pieces that I wanted to use to get there going missing in the wind a.k.a. the fan. But overall the first dress fits beautifully and I’m hoping the second dress will too.

Dress 1



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