Fly on the Wall Sunday: Play it Again

Three Brothers, three games, one mission. ~ Play it Again—a series within the BBM line of books.


play it again combo Play it Again is a 3-stories in 1-book upcoming release. In case you couldn’t tell from the titles within the series, all of the stories have a gaming theme. Here is an excerpt from one of the stories within the book—Check Mate, featuring Hitoshi Sato, the youngest of the brothers, and Xena Alexander—a woman on a mission.




She saw her mistake almost the second she removed her hand from the chess piece, and he had too.

“Check,” he punched the button. “Mate.” He eyed her with victory written on his face. She let out a soft sigh. She needed to win this. She was the idiot who thought a wager was a good thing. She couldn’t even say she was drunk when she made the bet because she didn’t drink. But the company she worked for had just gone under. She had a big savings because she remembered what happened when her father went into failed business mode, but she hadn’t prepared herself for the cosmetic company she helped design products for to go belly up. She had resisted starting her own line because she didn’t want to be the business owner who had to close the doors, and yet she had still ended up working for a company that did the same thing—lucky her; she had mentally slapped herself for being so blind to the company’s troubles. But they seemed to be doing fine. She was in science not accounting so of course she wouldn’t have known. God, what a mess. And now she had messed herself up even more.

“I win,” he winked. “So as part of my win I get to pick my one thing you have to give me.”

Coming in June to print and e-book format. Stop by the Facebook fan page and take a look back at some of the other excerpts and details about this series within a series.



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