Wednesdays with the Arts: Indie Life Musings


Fiction Collides with Reality. Or Does It?

Some people sometimes tend to think that every author is writing about things that happen in their life. While I can’t speak for other authors I can say that the majority of my stories don’t have anything to do with any reality in my life. I have an active imagination and creating worlds has always been fun for me. So no, not every character has anything to do with my life. I don’t know any serial killers—thank goodness. Then again, I suppose one never knows until the person gets caught.

However, sometimes my characters have careers that I have either wanted or found interesting. Years ago I would research careers and while they may have turned out to be something I didn’t want to do for the rest of my life it was fun to let my characters play in that world. When I find subject matter interesting I research. Making it a career for one of my characters kind of kills two birds with one stone. I get the information I’m interested in while my characters get a career.

Killing Hannah CoverHannah, from the Men of Action series story Killing Hannah, is a volcanologist. While I don’t do volcanoes I do find them interesting and have for quite some time now. I figured I would let her have that career utilizing some of what I learned years ago while  still being able to do a bit more research on things like the Ring of Fire and magma flow.  I’ve always found it interesting how volcanoes can pop up in the middle of cornfields so the research for this character’s career field was fun for me to do.

The cellist front coverYessenia, from The Cellist, is way better at cello than I will ever be. Yes, I am sure she’s better than I will ever be and that is one of the reasons I loved writing her character. She got to live in a world of music. I love music so I gave her a little of my love of music with a whole lot more skill. I’ve been in orchestra before but my first orchestra teacher (on violin, not cello) was a woman, not a gorgeous yet temperamental man with a past.

Basically, when writing I use my imagination, explore my interests, and build new worlds one book at a time. Just because my characters are crime stopping, bad guy catching heroes and heroines doesn’t mean I am. But I also can’t say that a little bit of me doesn’t make it into some of my characters. So my advice would be, be careful when you know a writer; you never know when a part of you might just get sucked into their world :).

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