Fly on the Wall Sunday: Love in Music

Love in Music Arashi Sakamoto is a man belonging to music. Mixing and composing is his specialty and his new business of producing music artists’ new albums is taking ground. Topaz Kissinger, his little sister’s best friend, is a woman he never expected to get to know beyond a few words at a time. When Topaz calls in need of a rescue from a bad situation Arashi responds. That one night changes everything. But with two hearts in flux can music bring these two into harmony? Or will a recently broken heart shatter before it can mend?

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It was dark, the wind was howling and the rain was beating against the glass windows so hard I thought it might pick up enough force to break the windows and send glass shattering everywhere. The thunder and lightning didn’t help much either. Even with the torrential downpour Jace left me there. He got in his car and left me there with no way home.

I called for Hina, but apparently she was able to get an earlier flight out to Japan so instead of leaving at noon the next day she had already boarded the plane and left. I got Arashi when I called. He could tell from my voice that something was wrong. Gee, I wonder what gave it away, the shake in my voice or the audible tears that I hadn’t let my eyes shed yet.

He came for me. He picked me up, and there is where I started crying like a friggn’ baby. I was crying so hard that he pulled over in the parking lot of the market, unsnapped my seatbelt and pulled me into his arms. There I was, straddled his lap. Now in a dress that’s A-line it wasn’t too tight for me to spread my legs and sit there with his arms wrapped around me. I clung to him tightly while tears leaked out of my eyes and onto the warm skin of his neck.

“It’s okay,” he said as he rubbed his hand up and down my back. There was comfort in his words and in his touch, but all I could feel was pain. I felt so much pain that it just hurt to breathe.

“Oh God,” I sobbed trying to catch my breath, trying make the pain stop stabbing me in my heart. I couldn’t. All I could do was cry. All he could do was hold me, stroke his hand up and down my back, and say in that soft, deep melodious voice of his that everything would be okay. He didn’t know everything that had happened. I hadn’t told him. But I knew he was a smart man so he probably had an idea. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to see that I was dressed for an evening out, coming out of an upscale eating establishment—coming out alone. Yes, he had to know Jace and I weren’t together anymore.

“It will be okay,” he said calmly and smoothly as if he knew the future for me when at that moment all I could feel was my pain. At that moment I couldn’t see a future beyond my present. I loved Jace, and he hurt me more than anything.

Love in Music ~ Available now on: Amazon   Barnes and Noble




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