Friday Dish: Buttons…Lots of Buttons

I’m to that stage of the dress where all that’s left is the buttons section. I was going to do a little something different and if I decide that I still want to add a little bit of the detail I planned to bring to the dress I will, but since I changed my original idea I think it will not fit the way I wanted to do it originally and I might want to incorporate it in the next dress instead. I shall see. The buttons are crucial to actually being able to wear the dress so that’s my next stop later this morning. Overall, once all fifteen buttons are in place I should be done with this dress and I can start marking the next project and figuring out how I’m putting it together. This should be fun…or frustrating ;).

In addition to sewing this week I have been writing. This story is definitely coming together. I really like my characters and the storyline. I’m at that point when it’s time to start drawing the details of the situation from a different angle that will lead to a wrap in the story.

I was lying in bed when I woke up last night and my mind kind of played the movie in my head. I figured the next several scenes, but of course I was in bed so I figured I would write it once I awakened again. But since I didn’t go back to sleep I’m up and ready to write it all down. I won’t say when I’ll be finished with this one because I don’t know. It could be this weekend; it could be next week. I have not seen the movie all the way through in my head so I still don’t know who the bad guy is, but I do know the road my characters are on that will reveal the answer eventually.

So today is a sewing, writing and practice day. Maybe this weekend I can spend multiple hours knitting and then really get to putting the pieces of my last (so I say) dress together. I have a couple projects I packed away in the move and I really should get back to those…I really should.

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week same time, same place.


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