Wednesdays with the Arts: Sewing

I’m working on some sewing arts for a while. I know I still have to finish the knitted project but I really did need a break from it. So I decided to sew. My first project included modifying a pattern significantly to create my own thing. That was interesting. In creating my own thing I kind of messed up, but the end project turned out pretty well. It’s shorter so I should have extended the pattern. It was a long top for the original pattern and it fit before I started putting it together, but yeah…not so much the right length after…not for what I wanted anyway.  It’s actually prettier than I imagined it would be, but since I’m not going to wear it as a dress (it falls mid thigh…too short for me)  I really didn’t need all those buttons down the front I guess. I will wear it; I’ll just make sure I put something under it as not to flash any of my girly bits.

I have two other projects in the works and one is very much related to the idea that I have been thinking about since last year. Maybe even before last year actually. This one shall be interesting to make because I’m doing something not just different, but it includes something that I really don’t typically wear and for all of my clothes viewing life would swear I don’t like to wear. Um…I’ll see if making my own idea will make me like this look.

My memory card is currently full so I can’t do pictures just yet. Maybe by the time I finish the last of my current projects I’ll have a new card.




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