Fly on the Wall Sunday: Serenity Point

One man’s heartache could destroy his life. The love of one woman could save it.

Cash Phillips is trying to escape the past that haunts him, but moving to Serenity Point soon proves to be everything but the safe haven he seeks. When the woman next door reminds him of the woman he couldn’t save. And the passions he long ago silenced rise from the grave. Can Cash start over? Or will the past he ran from follow him to Serenity Point and drag him back to hell?

Serenity Point

Available Now: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Create Space



“You should make her call you mom.”

“Excuse me?”

“Kids need more respect. She should call you mom.”

“She doesn’t call me mom because I’m not her mom. I’m her aunt. Her mother and father along with my husband were killed three years ago.”

Now it was his turn to take a step back.

“Anyway,” she stepped around him again. “Thanks for keeping the dog off my yard.” She left him standing there and she didn’t look back. She could have talked to him, maybe, if she could have thought of anything to say to the man, but clearly they weren’t destined to be friendly neighbors so why bother. He wanted her to stay off his land and she would. He wouldn’t have to worry about her stepping foot on his property again, not after yesterday. She was so scared. She had never been that kind of scared in her entire life, but she felt it yesterday, with him.

Available Now on Amazon, Create Space, Barnes and Noble.


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