Friday Dish: Hot n’ Sprung Blog Hop

Hot n Sprung EBook Prize Breakdown



Spring and Summer reminds me of sunshine and outdoor activities, except when I lived in the Desert Southwest and then it reminded me that doing anything outdoors after the sun came up was a risk to one’s life if one forgot a few essentials—water most definitely. But when it’s too hot outside what better place is there to go than to escape into a book?

I don’t really have requirements for seasonal reading. If the book is good I can read it in any season. Science fiction, romance, suspense, it’s all good for me. However, one of my books that make me think of both Spring and Summer is my recent release, Trouble in Paradise.

Trouble in Paradise with seriesHow could there possibly be trouble when you’re on a sandy beach in a tropical paradise? Well, there can be and my leading lady and man are soon to find out that not everybody wants paradise; some people prefer hell. When crazy finds its way to what should have been a perfect working getaway secrets are exposed, relationships are sealed and life changing events might just become life ending events.

Trouble in Paradise is currently available on Barnes and Noble, Amazon and Lulu. Lulu has a print version there. You can also catch up with things regarding my writing on my Fan Page:

For more than writing interest check out the new group I’ve started—Food, Fashion, Health, & Love, where we will be discussing things relating to those topics. It’s a site focusing on black women and mixed race women so most topics will probably be more relatable there to them, but the group is open to women in general.

As you all probably know this is part of a blog hop and the authors and bloggers have gotten together to put together some really fun prizes. Be sure to follow along and hop through all the blogs to see what other hidden gems might hide within this hop.

Hot n Sprung Blog Hop Prizes

Here is the breakdown of the grand prize giveaway….

  • 1st prize: $25 Amazon GC + Kindle Paperwhite
  • 2nd prize: $25 Amazon GC+ 4 ebooks
  • 3rd prize: $10 Amazon GC + 4 ebooks
  • 4th prize: $10 Amazon GC + 4 ebooks

All contest winners will be announced within 72 hours of the end of the Hop.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

The linky code is not working for me. Here is the link where you can find a complete list of the other blogs in this hop.



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