Wednesdays with the Arts: What a Difference a Night Makes

Today I had an entire to-do list planned. Well, what else is new? I have a to-do list planned for the entire week. I was ready to clear the to-do list every day and then it happened–a dark and stormy night that decided to cause a whole lot of damage that won’t go away unless we get out and clear the debris. Oh great.

It is going to be a messy workday instead of a to-do list clearing day. Before I went to bed last night we had a small river in the backyard and since I heard rain most of the night I am wondering if that river is now an ocean–probably not, but I bet it is a whole lot of muddy back there. We still have to assess the damage and see if anything happened to the house, but we can’t do that until the sun comes up. For now, trees with new jagged shapes seem to be the possible extent of the clean up.

A problem I do have with this thing we call clean up is the tree branch that is no longer attached to the tree, but is stuck in the tree. There’s no way for me to get that chunky branch down. My dad says it will come down eventually. The problem is, if we get another storm like that I can’t guarantee that it won’t go flying in the wind unlike it’s other dearly departed branch that landed in our yard, or the pieces that landed on the fence, and who knows where else. Storms can be interestingly invigorating I guess, but the clean up is just a mess.

At any rate, I should say that Friday starts the blog hop so I have to skip the Friday Dish to post the blog hop. Maybe I’ll make the blog hop part of the Friday Dish. I can’t really think about it right now. I am going to try to get Trouble in Paradise uploaded for Nook users. I have had issues with their site. Trouble in Paradise is available on Lulu (print) and e-book on Amazon for Kindle.


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