Wednesdays with the Arts: Mystery flower and Wearable Arts

I might have mentioned a while ago that I was making a necklace and matching bracelets out of lace for my mother. I finally finished it. Now she wants me to think about making earrings too. Hmm…maybe.

I did a little knitting, not as much as I planned, but some. I started what was going to be a dress but will now just be a top as it’s not really long enough to be a dress since I don’t like to wear short-short dresses. It will be a cute top…whenever I finish it. I have two dresses planned in my mind, one that will just be a modification to an existing pattern and another that is a project I have been thinking about trying to design since last year. I’m ready to go for it and have the material and the additional embellishments, but I think I might need to get a couple things as well. It’s not a project I’ll be starting right away so I have some time to get it all sorted out in both my head and in my reality.

The Garden

The Garden is coming along okay. The roses seem to really be doing well, while the tulips are a mix of stages right now. The gladioli are still in the growing stage so the blooms are not here yet. The trees have their leaves growing. The broccoli finally got broccoli on it. This is my first time having broccoli actually make so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I thought it would look like the ones that come nicely set up in the store, but my homegrown ones came out smaller. That’s fine. I really don’t know what I would do with too much broccoli anyway. It’s not like it’s one of my favorite things to eat or anything like that.

Mystery in a Flower

flower powerFinally, could somebody please tell me what this flower is? I don’t know what it is, but it’s growing, has bloomed and looks…different. If anybody knows please let me know what this flower is? Thanks. I’ll be back tomorrow for Cello Diaries.

Mysterious Flower


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