Wednesdays with the Arts: Capri’s Coconut Cookies

I played with a couple recipe making ideas over the past several days. My mom liked one and I hated it. I’ll make it again for her, but I won’t be eating them. This recipe, however, I loved the cookies, she loved them, and they are definitely added to the “make again and again,” list.

I have made this recipe three times. The first time was just putting it together. I actually measured everything–miracles do happen ;). I tend to cook the way my mother taught me which is not a measured science, but when telling other people how to make something  I can’t tell you all to just add a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Well, I could because that’s how I cook and bake, but that would not be fair when you’re not in the kitchen with me to see what my definition of “a little bit of this” actually is.

So, painstakingly, I measured each time I made these cookies except for the third time when I just used the last of the coconut since there was probably just a little more than a half cup left anyway. The recipe is in the picture below and for the PDF click here: Capri’s Coconut Cookies.

Try it out for yourself. It’s fairly healthy…if a cookie can be healthy :). Oatmeal, coconut sugar instead of white sugar, coconut and a few other staples come together to make a delectable cookie recipe. I have another cookie recipe floating through my mind. Once I have all the ingredients I might give my creative kitchen side another go at coming up with another fairly healthy cookie recipe. I’ll have to see as I did actually start working on sewing something new, I’m still knitting, there’s cello practice, gardening and of course writing, editing…you know, a lot to do. I’m not sure I can spend day after day having new creation baking kitchen adventures no matter how fun they are. Ooh, I did cook something fun that I’m going to do again soon. I didn’t measure though so I’ll share a little bit of this and a little bit of that if I do share in the future ;).

Capri's Coconut Cookies Recipe


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