Friday Dish: Cabbages Growing Heads, Music and other Garden Surprises

You all know I’m a cellist…um cellist in training (C.I.T.) right? Well I am and sometimes…no, all the time, I am my toughest critic. But you know I really think it’s sounding moderately better every other day. It really feels like a mysterious hit or miss to me because I think it depends on how hard I’m planning to be on myself for that day on rather or not I like what I play.

This week I had my first talk to myself, while still in practice, to chastise myself moment. I was warming up with a scale and it was going really well for the second time around until it started to sound really funny. I was still playing the notes that were on the page. Those notes actually belonged to the song down from the scale that I apparently, in the middle of playing, decided to let my eyes drift down to without realizing I did that. I tried to keep going but eventually I thought, “huh?” So I stopped, focused back on my music and then said, “yeah, it would help if you stay on the actual lesson next time.”

In addition to fun with cello this week I have had many fun surprises in the garden. As you can see, the roses are still alive. I’m waiting on the gladioli to flower. I look forward to these every year. I planted so many more in the yard this year than ever before so I can’t wait to see what everything looks like this summer.


IMG_8067Last year the radishes didn’t do anything. I mean I got leaves but there weren’t any radishes growing in the ground. This year I got the lovely surprise of radishes. I pulled these since they were kind of above ground due to the heavy rain washing away some of the dirt, and I really did need radishes for the salad that day.

The cabbages are starting to grow heads 😉 and the trees are getting their leaves back.


I started the Capri Montgomery Web site again, and I had some kitchen adventures–some good, some not so much.

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week, same time, same place.


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