Wednesdays with the Arts: Indie Life and Writing

I let go of my Web site last year and really didn’t have any intention of starting another one. I figure when my domain name expires I’ll let that go too. However, I set up a mini-site on Weebly that I do like. I also have something I’m working on that I thought of putting here on the blog, but given the complicated nature may have to put it on the site…which is why I set it up in the first place. I’m happy with the new site as is so I guess it will be up for a while. Future changes are possible, but it is what it is for now and I’m happy with it. You can see the Capri Montgomery site now.

I’m hard at work with writing, but I’m also trying to remember to take more breaks. Gardening and kitchen adventures seem to be pulling my attention lately so I get to enjoy that. This project feels like it’s going to take forever…but I know it won’t. Little by little it will get done—I hope.

Picture of knitting project.

On the writing front, I am doing a follow up for Shadow Ridge—one of the BBM line books. A reader asked me if there would be one and while I hadn’t planned to revisit the characters in any of the stories I thought about it and decided I would revisit Miles and Bethany. So I’ve done a lot of hand written story writing and I still need to type some of it for the electronic file.

For the Love of Layla might get a revisit, but not right away because I have a couple other BBM line books I need to finish along with other series books too.

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