Fly on the Wall Sunday: Love and Flowers

flowersI like this season because flowers they are a growin’.



Now, on to the Fly on the Wall part of this post.


For the Love of Layla cover       For the Love of Layla

Lance Devork is a store security man who gets a view of the gorgeous Layla Jenkins every time she comes in to shop. Layla’s job as a personal shopper keeps her in a lot of stores, but little does she know there’s a man watching her every move and longing for a connection with her. Can Lance step out of the security box and go after the woman he wants?


      Mini Excerpt:

“I’m with him,” she said as she looped her arm around Lance’s arm.

“Really?” The man’s eyebrows rose upward.

“Really,” she nodded with a smile as she leaned into Lance. Lance patted her hand and gave her a soft smile.

“Really?” He nearly broke to a soprano pitch on that one.

Layla leaned in more toward Lance, gave him a soft kiss on his cheek and then whispered in his ear. “Ignore him,” she kissed his cheek again when she felt Lance’s warm breath tickle her neck. She knew he had chuckled softly because she felt it. “Yep,” she finally said. “We have reservations.” She used her thumb to wipe a little lipstick off Lance’s cheek. She didn’t wear lipstick often but she, too, was trying to put her best foot and face forward for this date.

Lance took her hand in his and brought the back of it to his mouth before kissing it gingerly.

“Sure. Right this way…”

For the Love of Layla is on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Lulu (print 2-book combination with Shadow Ridge).


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