Friday Dish: The Edible Garden

I mentioned that the edible garden is growing okay. Here’s a picture of a smaller portion of it.I need to get the leaves up–again. The tree next door keeps losing leaves–all year–every single day. We pick them up and by morning they are back. God forbid it’s a windy night.

Edible Garden

I am surprised the kale is growing so well because I haven’t grown kale before and it’s not really one of my favorite green veggies. The lettuce died—no surprise there since I seem to have absolutely no luck with iceberg lettuce, but the romaine didn’t do as well either. I was hoping the lettuce would do well because I love salad. The kale goes okay in my green smoothies, but I would have preferred spinach and the spinach didn’t even come up.

All the onions except for part of one of the short-rows planted seem to have come up along with the garlic. That is the green parts are above ground, but the rest is still a work in progress below ground. The lemon tree has flowers, the orange tree has flowers and fruit too. The tangerine tree has flowers but the other fruit trees are just now reclaiming their winter-loss leaves.

Today I am not going to garden. I have more in-house work to get done and newly found recipes that I would like to try out today and over the course of the weekend if possible. And of course I have much writing to do too. It’s going to be a busy day with housework, errands and work-work, but I think I should be able to get a lot done today—so long as I stay out of the garden ;).

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week; same time, same place.


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