Wednesdays with the Arts: The Leaning Tower of Tulip and More

IMG_7812IMG_7817Garden Arts

I think one of my tulips has confused itself with the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Seriously, it started growing straight and then it started leaning while growing. It shall be interesting to see what it looks like once the tulip actually comes out.

The other planted bulbs are making their way up. Some were planted later because I got bags of bulbs when the store had a major sale on them. Some of the mixed bags have flowers that are coming up. I tried to hang on to the bags so I would know what was coming up with the tulips, but my mom accidently threw all the bags away. I’m not going to have a clue what some of these flowers are, but as my dad said to me if the flowers come up and bloom just enjoy them. In other words, don’t stress the small stuff. A flower is a flower and its beauty won’t change just because I don’t know the name.

The edible portion of the garden is growing well. There are a few things that didn’t come up and a couple things that got stolen out the ground, but others are going strong.

Wearable Arts

Here is a look at my current project and the progress. It is going to be a scarf-wrap-shawl. I shall try to never do this particular stitch again though. This thing is driving me crazy. For a woman with a shorter attention span it’s really a bad stitch pattern to do.



For the Love of Layla coverFor the Love of Layla released this month. This book is from the BBM Line of books. For the ladies who like their teddy bears you should check out the teddy bear in uniform—store head security guard Lance Devork.

Lance gets a view of the gorgeous Layla Jenkins every time she comes in to shop. Layla’s job as a personal shopper keeps her in a lot of stores, but little does she know there’s a man watching her every move and longing for a connection with her. Can Lance step out of the security box and go after the woman he wants?

Now on: Amazon and Barnes and Noble as e-books. It’s on Lulu as a combined print book with Shadow Ridge, the first BBM line book.







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