Fly on the Wall Sunday: Redemption and Flowers

Picture of a rose.I like when the flowers are blooming and all the hard work of planting is finally being realized. I have come to realize once again that gardening is a lesson in patience because you have to wait months, sometimes, to see stuff grow. The Tulips are finally opening along with the Dutch Iris and roses—one flower at a time. The fruit trees are springing to life too; some have fruit starting to make and others have flowers while others are trying to get their post-winter leaves.

Picture of Tulip.
While thinking about flowers and gardening I asked myself what does that have to do with the usual Fly on the Wall Sunday post; and I found my answer—Redemption.


My leading lady, Angel, has the job that I think would be so cool to have—if it weren’t for all the bugs. She’s a fabulous landscape architect; she designs and puts in beautiful home landscapes. Sometimes I give my characters jobs I think would be cool if I could do them. I get to research and live vicariously through fictional characters. Usually during research I realize the job was much better in my head than it would be if I did it in real life.

So here it is, a Fly on the Wall look at Redemption.

Redemption print cover
Blaine Ashworth lost his family while serving in a war. It’s been ten years without closure, but he has never given up. When he meets Landscape Engineer, Angel Ducain he’s faced with the sudden reality that his body is ready for love, but is his heart willing to let another woman in?
Angel has her own demons, but with the success of her business she is leaving the past behind her; or at least she’s trying to. When a series of attempts on her life hit one after the other she’s forced to realize that her past just might be catching up with her present. Is it what she ran from, or are the attacks directly related the man she’s working for now? Find out in Redemption.


The shots hit the door before she could move. Blaine knocked her to the porch floor, covering her with his body as the bullets cut through the banister. She screamed until she realized screaming wasn’t helping matters and then she just lay beneath him, silently hoping whatever was happening would stop.

“Talk to me!”
“About what? Somebody is shooting at us!”

“I need my gun,” he barked. He was sheltering her so tightly she could hardly breathe. “Keep your head down,” he bit out harshly as she tried to move; tried to elevate herself so that she could get the air she needed.

“I can’t breathe,” she said in a panic laden tone. He eased his weight off her and let her lift her head enough to take in the needed air. It seemed like forever, but the bullets eventually stopped hitting her home, shattering windows and driving her insane.

He was the first to stand, keeping her down as he checked their surroundings. Then he helped her up and she saw the devastation, not just to her house, but to her front yard. Her waterscape was completely destroyed, and her truck. “My truck!” She looked at the bullet holes in her truck. Yes, she had a garage, but she kept the trailer with her supplies inside of there, not her truck. Looking at Blaine’s SUV she didn’t see any holes anywhere. Maybe it was because his SUV was off to the side while her truck was directly in the center of the horseshoe drive.

“You’re worried about your truck? Somebody just tried to kill you.”

“They weren’t trying to kill me,” she said with her voice still full of panic. “Why would anybody try to kill me? There’s no way they were trying to kill me.”

“This is your house,” he stated as if that should have been obvious reason enough.
Redemption: Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Lulu.



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