Friday Dish: Oh What a Week

I was just going to do some cleaning…really, but one moved piece of furniture required moving another, and another. Now that some things are moved to a new location I have space for a music practice area that does not include trying not to bow into the bed or the vanity. The room looks bigger too. It’s not bigger…it just looks bigger.

spring flowers rose pictureI also did a lot of yard work. I took pictures of some of the blooming flowers. I got a lot of writing done and I have a short-short as a free read here on the City of Free Reads page.  The story is called Sweet Nothings so you can head over to read it before you leave here.

Sweet Nothings cover

I’ve signed up for another blog hop. I haven’t been doing as many of those as I used to do. You can see the hop I signed up for in the side bar over there to your right if you scroll down a little. If it’s not there then it’s on your other right ;).

I finalized the April BBM line book release of For the Love of Layla. My editor liked it so that’s good. I knitted, practiced cello, but I didn’t bake. I’m out of everything I need to make…well, everything.

For the Love of Layla cover
It was a very busy week but I did manage a little soul searching—enough to realize that I need to make some life changes. One day at a time I will journey to my living destination. Yes, living destination. We’re all going to die one day but that doesn’t mean I’m trying to journey to the grave. Basically, each day I will do at least one thing that will move me toward getting closer to my goals. Some goals are shaky right now, but a few are well defined so I’m ready to keep moving.

That’s all for this time. Don’t forget to check out the free read before you go. More Dish next week, same time, same place.


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