Friday Dish: Pine-Berry Sensation and More

I’m always trying out new combinations of things in well, even my baked foods, but especially smoothies. I’m out of spinach so I used kale by itself one day. Kale has a really strong taste and a cup of it is just…interesting, in my opinion. It’s not devastatingly gross; it’s just a bit more than I want. All of my kale is thriving in the garden whereas none of my spinach came up.

Oh well, that’s not anything to do with this particular smoothie. I have found that pineapple and strawberries can cover the multitude of culinary sins. Well, maybe not sins per se, but it can make things taste a lot better.

Other than kitchen mini adventures with smoothies I did spend some time revisiting the cookies.

CookiesMy mom really loves those cookies I talked about Wednesday. I made them bigger this time, using a tablespoon measure instead of the half teaspoon. They made seventeen cookies total. I am not a huge sweet treats kind of person, but sometimes I do crave them so I’ll definitely have fun eating them. Most times I just bake because I love to bake, but I don’t always eat what I make.

For the Love of Layla coverOver all the week has been interestingly busy. I made a new cover for the next BBM Line book, For the Love of Layla.

Pine-Berry Smoothie Recipe

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week, same time, same place.


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