Fly on the Wall Sunday: A Rancher’s Love

A Rancher's Love ARe coverZoe-Quinnlyn Starks has had a rough year. Her boyfriend…make that ex-boyfriend, is getting married to her mother. Her boss blamed her for a cake that made four hundred guests sick even though it wasn’t her fault. He’s fired her and she can’t land another job in the Keys. So when the opportunity comes along to audition for a reality cooking show contest out in Seattle, Washington she jumps at the chance. With her luggage in the car, her GPS set to her final destination and nothing stopping her from going after her future, Zoe hits the road.

Little did she know that her road trip to Washington was going to take a major detour. With the GPS losing the signal and then recalculating for the wrong state, Bambi in the middle of the road, and a steep hill to the right of her, Zoe should have known the road trip was going to take a detour. When that detour leads her right through Dean Collins’ ranch fence her life is about to get another surprise, one she’ll have to decide if it’s worth the risk. Can Dean convince Zoe to bet on love? Or will a broken past cause her to run from love? Find out in A Rancher’s Love.

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“Oh thank God in heaven,” she shouted as her screen lit up with something other than “Lost signal.” Her joy was temporary when she realized her GPS no longer had her in the right state. Joy turned to panic. The darn thing with the computerized female voice had told her to take an exit for a road that clearly took her off the freeway and through the mountains where there weren’t any gas stations, motels, hotels, camp grounds, people—nothing. And now it had her in the wrong state!

“I’m in South Dakota you stupid piece of crap!” She hit the “where to” selection on her machine and tried to verify the end location was the same. It wasn’t. Several insults later she finally realized the lunacy of yelling at a machine and decided to put her eyes back on the road. She didn’t have to panic, she would find her way to civilization—with hopes before that fuel gauge inching closer to empty actually reached empty. When she looked up she saw it, standing there, cute as the proverbial button and directly in her path—“Bambi!” She couldn’t think of the word deer, but she could think of the name Bambi.

Instinct took over. She slammed on the breaks and swerved as she realized she wouldn’t stop in time not to hit it. Slamming on the breaks and swerving caused her wheals—with the anti-lock brakes—to lock up and instead of stopping, her car made a new path off the winding road, down the side of a steep hill, not tall, just steep, and through a wood and wire fence before landing front first in a creek.

A Rancher’s Love is a romance story and is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.



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