Friday Dish: A Week Full of Art

I am frustrated with this knitting project but I think if I ever get far enough in with it I might just love it. I’ve taken this thing a loose at least three times already, but fortunately I was only five rows in the first time. The last time I had to take it off it was a mess. I couldn’t get the yarn to move freely. I’m a tight knitter. This yarn and my bamboo needles combined with my knitting style was just not working. I literally had to cut the yarn off the needle…yep, it was a lot tighter than I thought.


I am almost finished with the last book in The Russian Connection series first draft–almost, but not quite. I hope to finish it this month. At the rate I am going I could possibly be finished next week. I know what story is left to be told, but I am not sure how many words it will take to tell it. One of the most memorable pieces of advice I read many years ago was to write the story in as many words as it takes to tell the story, not one more and not one less. I’ve always written that way. If I don’t see it in the story I won’t sit around yapping just to make it longer.

I also got to work on the second book in another series. The thing is, the first book isn’t done yet. My imagination just does what it wants. I woke up twice last night thinking about this book and when I finally realized I wasn’t going back to sleep, just after one o’clock this morning, I thought about it some more. I just had to work on it. This book doesn’t have the same characters as the first book, but I think there is kind of a timeline there. It’s not that the books are connected per se, but one is dated before the other so it would be better if book number one comes out before book number two. However, book number two is running wild in my imagination right now and already this morning I have written nearly four thousand words. I have until next year to get both books ready for release.

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week, same time, same place.


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