Wednesdays with the Arts: Indie Life and Art

I did finish my project so I figured I would combine Art with Indie Life. As I have said before, there is more to Indie Life than just writing. Outside of marketing, editing and other writing related things, it’s nice to have something to step away from the writing world with. I have a great many things I like to do, but this week I’m sharing knitting.

I told you all Anya is definitely above my knitting skill level. She’s super awesome with her knitting and I am just…hmm…super awesome with trying to knit ;). Seriously, she’s a fictional character from Shadow Hills and I am a real life person.

This knitting project was my first “in the round” knitting project. I thought of doing it before, but I couldn’t understand the joining instructions. I taught myself to knit and I don’t know anybody else who knits so it’s an adventure in learning and patience. Eventually I found YouTube videos on knitting in the round that helped. Yes, it took me a while to even realize there were knitting videos (and other instructional videos) on YouTube, but once I did I definitely realized when in doubt I can search videos and see if I can find something to help me.

Knitted ProjectHere is my project finished and ready to wear. It is a cowl that fits on the head and neck and shoulder areas. It is fifteen inches long. I knitted with a 4 instead of a Super Bulky 6. I didn’t have any 6 yarn and I didn’t have money to go in search of any either. Plus I wanted red and I had already started so I made the 4 work.

The pattern was free and if you’re interested in knitting it for yourself you can find it here with a nice picture too. It’s listed in the Easy section so depending on your skill level it may be easy or a challenge.

Since this is part of the Indie Life blog hop, please click on the picture below to go explore the other Indie Lifers in this hop.



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