Fly on the Wall Sunday: IR Romance—Not Just Black and White

I decided that today’s Fly on the Wall Sunday post would explore an IR romance / Multicultural romance. I was thinking of doing On Thin Ice. That’s an oldie but I like that one a lot because Jet surprised me and I loved the love he and Akira had. But then I thought…hmm…what else can I do? I decided on something a little more science fiction inclined.

The leading lady in Deliverance looks are based on somebody my mom knew years before I was born. She was beautiful and much desired. I decided my LF should look like this woman. She’s not the last character I did this with because in one of The Russian Connection series books I also pulled from the looks of one of the people from my mom’s past.  But for now let’s focus on Deliverance.

Fly on the Wall Look: Brief Detour

My leading man is Japanese. My leading lady is black. I have written women of different ethnicities, different shades of skin color, but for me the focus isn’t what color the characters are. When I’m writing and reading other authors work I like to focus on the story, what motivates the characters and what they will learn from, grow from and with hopes become stronger from. Basically, I don’t care if the character in the book is dark, light or something in between so long as I like the story.

With this book I love the time travel and space thing. I’ll be starting another space oriented science fiction book later this year…or later than that. It’s part of a series, but I’m still working on the first book.



A tour of NASA with her niece and the rest of her class went from what she considered to be a boring science lecture delivered by a way too hot scientist into something right out of a science fiction movie. When an accident in the NASA facility lands Desiree Clark on the bridge of a spaceship she’s quick to think somebody in NASA is playing a joke on her until The ship’s captain, Daichi Takahashi, shows her how real the situation is and how much trouble she’s in for trespassing aboard his ship.


“What do you mean gone!? I was just there a few seconds ago.”

“Earth has been uninhabitable for over nine hundred years.”

“This is not funny! I was just there. And in two thousand twelve earth is very much inhabitable. What am I saying? I’m still there.” She had to give herself a mental slap in the head because she was talking as if she had left earth. Gosh these simulation rooms were so realistic. They even made the participants play up their part. Well, she wasn’t a participant and she needed clear directions on how to get back up stairs where she was at before she fell.

“Two thousand twelve?” He looked at her. “That explains the attire, but that doesn’t explain why you are here. Time travel is not possible. You must be a spy.”

“I am not! I was just at NASA with my niece on her school fieldtrip and I was standing there listening to an entirely too sexy scientist talk about space and whatever else he was rambling about when the section of the floor I was standing on broke and then I was here. You put me back where I was.” She demanded because she was not in the mood for their stupid jokes. They were grown men; scientist actually and they should be more mature than that. “Stupid NASA with their stupid simulation rooms. Just help me get back to where my niece is and you can continue to play your stupid games.”

He growled. “This is not a game. The year is sixty-two twenty-five. That out there is space, not some simulation chamber, and you, woman, are trespassing aboard my vessel.”

Deliverance is  on Lulu, Barnes and Noble and Amazon.



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