Wednesdays with the Arts: That Pesky Rabbit

Let me start by saying this is my first time knitting in the round. I have always avoided knitting in the round like the plague. I like straight lines and soft curves not endless circles that just go round and round and never get anywhere…oh, right, we’re talking about knitting here. Sorry…rabbit trail.

At any rate, unlike Anya from Shadow Hills I am not the expert knitter she is. I knit, but I’m better at some things than others. Circular knitting is simply not my specialty.  Despite my avoidance of circular knitting I already had the circular needles that I bought when doing blankets because they held more stitches and were more comfortable to use. I also had this strange habit of getting patterns that needed to be knit in the round. They were free patterns…but still, it’s kind of insane to get patterns and clutter up my notebook with files when I didn’t have any plans of knitting in the round.

Well I found a piece that I liked a lot and it just had to be knit in the round.

knitting progressThis is where I’m at. I suppose if I sporadically show you all where I’m at it will definitely give me the push to stay focused. No promises. There is a hole up there somewhere on the rabbit trail I am sure to follow while knitting and I am bound to fall down it.


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