Fly on the Wall Sunday: Mine’s to Kill

I know some people have been waiting for the first book in the Witness Protection segment of the Special Ops series to start and the good news is that it starts now. I did something a little different from what I have done within this series. I say this series because if you’ve read the Men of Action series then you know about Valencia Dugan-Mishoto and how tough she is. Well, in this series we started with the Search and Rescue segment and that featured four retired military men who went in and rescued the lady from the clutches of evil.

In this series, in the first book at least, it’s a guy in need of protection. Colt Grayson is an artist who happens to be deaf. He’s also a man who happens to witness a serial killer making his kill.

Colt is kind of stubborn and does not really want the witness protection offered to him. After all, he’s got his life to deal with and his art, he can’t just run and hide.

Politics and favors throw the Special Conditions unit branch of the Witness Protection program into action. This isn’t their usual protection case, but when the powers that be insist on one of the members of the team protecting this guy they don’t have a choice.

Newly appointed head of the unit, Autumn Kitsap, didn’t plan on having to be the protector here, but her fluid ASL, her good looks, and her confidence has Colt insisting that she is the only person he’ll allow in his home to protect him.

Autumn has her own issues. She’s been yanked off her team in the Homeland Security special ops unit and told she had to go run the Witness Protection special ops unit while trying to find the traitor within their walls. Now she not only has to manage a team of men who aren’t happy with all the changes, but she has to find out which one of them is selling witnesses for slaughter while trying to protect Colt without falling in love with his charm. Colt isn’t planning to make it easy for her. He knows what he wants, and he wants Autumn Kitsap.

Mine's to kill cover


Billy watched the news. There was a witness to the latest crime—he knew that but he hadn’t been able to catch up with the guy before he ran into the police. The identification was accurate, highly accurate—an exact representation of what he looked like which was going to make going around town real difficult. Fortunately he didn’t live in the area and most people in these parts didn’t even have a television set. There was a good thing to living in the boonies, which is why he lived there, but the downside was there were less kills to be had. He had to drive into the city; he laughed at that thought because even the “city,” was smaller than the major cities of New York or California. He could have gone to D.C. and killed until his heart was content, but he had decided on Middlebrooke instead. because the killing would be easier. It was far enough  from his home town while still being far enough from D.C. not to draw too much attention before he was ready for it. Timing was everything. He went far enough away to make his kills perfectly untraceable.

Middlebrooke was perfect and until that night his kills had been perfect. Nobody had seen him. Nobody had been the wiser on why he was raping and killing these men, but they would be soon enough. First he had to get rid of the guy who saw him. He had to kill him because he intruded on his private moment. He had no right to ruin things. Billy always enjoyed the climax of the kill, but that man, that witness the papers were still not talking much about, had ruined everything. He had to die for that.

Mine’s to Kill ~ Available now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Lulu.


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