Friday Dish: A Month in Review

While I was away from a lot of things involving the Internet I did get a lot of writing related work done. I got edits in…I still have some to go, but I did get quite a bit done at the same time. I finished a book that has three short stories in it. This book is in the BBM line of books and it is a series within a series. There were three brothers. I started with the first one, not really realizing I would want to give the other two a story, but then I realized that I did want to. So there are three brothers and three stories. This series within a series sparked another series as well. The other series will be short stories too, and I hope to put at least three in one book.

play it again combo

The Play it Again series within the BBM line has three books. These three books actually have a theme other than the three guys being brothers. I’m excited about these stories. I had fun writing them and being that they are short stories they didn’t take me as long to write as some other books have. However, I am still working through edits so it is possible that the length of the stories might change along the way.

Other than writing I have started a new knitting project, but I’ll talk about that on Wednesday.

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week, same time, same place.


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