Wednesdays with the Arts: Artfully Artful Me

I’m back. My break from the social media and blogging part of the Internet is over. I had hoped for the entire month to be free from those activities, but I have an interview that will be up Friday so I had to make sure I got everything together for that and I also had forgotten about the Indie Life blog hop so I had to come back for that.

Anyway, I got a lot of writing done. I also got a little editing done. I got covers made, a series within a series started and completed (short stories not longer stories) and my writing world is moving forward with books and new release prep and stories that I had a blast writing. The series within a series spawned another series of short stories. I’ll talk about that later, but ladies who like the BBM Line, some of the books fall in there.

IMG_7219In addition to writing and stuff…I had bad news about family so it’s been kind of up and down, but I am still trying to get some work done daily. Do any of you remember that wrist warmer that I needed to knit? I now have wrist warmer number two finished. That’s good because seriously two hands require two warmers that match each other.
What’s next in my wearable arts world? More knitted projects. I’m not going to be sewing for a little while; even though I want to I’m holding out for the perfect (nearly perfect) fabric to go with the idea I have for the design. By way of knitted projects I have four scheduled, but will do five because I need to make a shawl for my mother. There are also three projects in line, but not scheduled yet, but maybe before year-end. All this depends on how I feel so I’ll see what happens as it happens.

Okay, tomorrow is for Cello Diaries so I’ll be here to tell you all about my world of cello. Sometimes I wonder why I do this and then something happens that makes me shake my head and change my focus to wondering “why did I just do that,” instead.


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