Fly on the Wall Sunday: Love in Music

Arashi Sakamoto is a man belonging to music. Mixing and composing is his specialty and his new business of producing music artists’ new albums is taking ground. Topaz Kissinger, his little sister’s best friend, is a woman he never expected to get to know beyond a few words at a time. When Topaz calls in need of a rescue from a bad situation Arashi responds. That one night changes everything. But with two hearts in flux can music bring these two into harmony? Or will a recently broken heart shatter before it can mend?

Available On:   Amazon and Barnes and Noble

Love in Music


“This stops now.” Okay, I hadn’t had my heart broken in a long time. I guess I wasn’t even fully over it myself, but I refused to let her keep with this depressed state of being. I dropped the sketchbook on the chair and turned to face her.

“What stops now? I was just sketching my environment to keep the ideas in mind…”

“That’s not what I’m talking about. That’s not it at all. You, Jace, it stops. He doesn’t deserve your tears, your depression—he doesn’t deserve any of it.”

“It’s not that easy.” She defended herself.

“Do you think for one second that he’s at home moping about losing you? Do you?” My tone was harsh even though my voice was level. “No,” I said when she hadn’t answered. I didn’t really give her time to answer. “He’s not and he’s probably moved on because that’s what guys like him do—they move on. He walked away. If you were smart you would realize he did you a favor.” I realized the words out of my mouth once they were out there. I didn’t mean it how I knew she took it. The shocked look on her face, that expression of hurt in her eyes—I had put that there. I had to fix it, but I was so angry.

“I don’t mean you’re not smart, Topaz. But when it comes to this you’re not being smart. You’re not thinking. You’re giving him something he doesn’t even deserve. He broke your heart. Don’t give him the pieces. Take them and put them back together. He wants to walk away; let him go.”

Love in Music—a tale of two hearts connected by heartbreak, destined to become one.

Available Now on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


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