Friday Dish: Oh My

You all know I’m teaching myself to play cello. For a woman who assumed cello and violin were on the same clef so I’d be okay with the late change in instruments after not playing for many years I’d like to say I’ve come a long way from where I was at. They’re not on the same clef for those of you who didn’t know that.

Of course I still have a long way to go so when things happen that give me the “huh?” moment I find myself giving an audible, “you have to be kidding me!” type response.

Yesterday my bridge popped out, like fell down, pooped out, took the strings with it and while they were dangling on the cello my bridge was on the floor. Cello bridge is falling down seemed to go through my mind, much like London bridge only worse because I need my cello.

I tried to get it back together and it did it again while I was trying to finish tuning. Yeah, that was so not fun. At one point I just said forget it, I’ll take it down to the store I found a little while ago and see if they can send it out to be fixed. But, I’m stubborn so I tried once more and the last time was the charm. It’s fixed, tuned and resting in its case. Yeah, I’m a little scared to take it out right now just in case the temperamental possessed piece of wood decides to scare me with the loud thud of strings popping and a bridge falling again. Fortunately none of the strings broke so that was a good thing.

Love in Music Other than that bit of crazy Thursday I have another story idea for the BBM line and I think, if all goes well, it should be ready for release by October. I’m still trying to finish off other books and edits, plus I really need to get to work on my non fiction book too—that one is taking a while to get from paper notes to actually electronic composition.

Best of all, Love in Music will be out in about a week or less. I have such a crush on Arashi Sakamoto. I’ll tell you all about him Sunday.

Things are pretty much moving along. I wish they were going faster, but patience is a virtue. Things don’t just happen overnight. They take hard work, patience and determination. I hope one day things will work out for me, but I also realize that they might not. So I’m trying to stay grounded in my hopes and dreams so that I don’t move too far away from reality.

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week, same time, same place.


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