Cello Diaries: Sanity in a Wooden Box

You all might have thought I’d forgotten, but I didn’t. It’s the last Thursday of the month so today is for Cello Diaries.

A lot has happened since our last Cello Diaries encounter. No, I didn’t magically become a great cellist, but I have improved. I think just allowing myself to really hear my good points and stop focusing only on my bad points (yeah…again) has really helped me.

I found one of the books I was using years back and I went back to it. I’m enjoying it even though it is a little behind where I am at in my EE book. It’s a nice addition to daily practice. I like the short practice versions of the songs, but I do have some of them in full version so I have pulled out my full version book and added the full version after getting the short version. The songs are written a little different and therein lies my problem.

I have this bad habit of playing primarily by ear. I don’t count well while playing so playing by ear is really a good thing for me, but playing by ear can be bad when the two songs are not written exactly the same way. For example adding staccato in the version that doesn’t have it, or adding a G in the version that doesn’t have it. Yes, I have to work on paying more attention to my music and that’s always been difficult for me because I get off the music. As in, I stop reading it and I play it how I know it’s supposed to be played. That, too, can be a problem especially if my mind spaces the next note and I can’t remember where I am in the music fast enough to not make a mistake.

So I have some things I will continue to work on as I continue to develop my cello playing skills.

On a positive note, I really do hear improvement. I’m having a lot of fun as usual, but it’s just really good right now. I only wrote one new song in a month, but I think that’s because I have so much going on personally that it’s hard to really connect with myself sometimes. That’s not good, but I’m working on it. I need to stress less, and music actually helps me unwind sometimes. I guess playing cello is kind of my sanity in a wooden box…until it, too, starts driving me crazy.

That’s all for this time. I’ll catch up with you all on Cello Diaries next month—last Thursday of the month.


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