Fly on the Wall Sunday: Caged


Charla just thought she was lucky the fall hadn’t killed her, but when a very handsome American shows her a world she never knew existed she’s thrust into a battle for her life. It’s run or be eaten. Can she trust this stranger? Or would taking her chance with prehistoric beasts be the safer option?

Available on Amazon & Barnes and Noble



“Dinosaurs!? Are you crazy?”

He stepped forward and put one big hand on her arm before telling her to shut up and look. He turned her forcefully and she could see what had him on higher alert than she was. “Holy cow…that’s a…that’s a…”

“T-Rex,” he said.

“Oh my God. I did die, and I am in hell.”

“Not yet,” He kept his voice much lower than she did.

“You know if we don’t move he won’t see us.”

“Yeah, right.”

“That’s what they say in all the movies.”  She spoke softly and nodded as if she were the authority on the T-Rex. She wasn’t. Movies are all she had to go on here. It’s not like dinosaurs had been her field of study at any point in her life. Why bother? They were dead, but that thing wasn’t dead; it was alive. Maybe she should have read up on dinosaurs. Had she known she would ever encounter any maybe she would have.

“They would be wrong.”

Caged ~ an Adventures Through Time series book. Available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


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