Friday Dish: Making Caged

Capri Montgomery Books just loves suspense and science fiction mixed with a little contemporary and a healthy dose of romance. It all comes together to form a rather interesting dose of movies turned into books, and maybe one day I’ll actually finish a couple of the screenplays. Until then, let’s look at the creation of Caged.


No book is complete without its ingredients. Caged required quite a few different elements in the concoction in order to form my science fiction Adventures Through Time series dish.

One Leading Lady

Charla is one of those women who just had to get away to think. Okay, so she was running from reality, but she didn’t have any idea that a simple, or not so simple, hike would land her in an unknown land.



One Leading Man

Bransten—the dashingly handsome Air Force man. He’s smart, which is a good thing. He’s really good at protecting himself, which is even better.  Fortunately for him he’s a bit of a scientifically inclined man who can work with his hands, learn the lay of the land, find ways to defend himself and survive. Unfortunately for him, he’s been stuck there for five years—alone…well, if you don’t count the native inhabitants.


One crashed plane

At least Bransten survived his transportation to this place…not that he was trying to land here in the first place. But you know I don’t think the government would be too happy about him crashing one of their planes, vanishing while he was supposed to be on a mission, and never returning. Yeah…that could be a problem.


Hungry dinosaurs

Well, everything has to eat and not everything happens to be a herbivore. Sometimes humans just have to find out they are not at the top of the food chain. Sometimes they have to realize something bigger, stronger, and with way bigger teeth, is out there just waiting to catch dinner.


prehistoric plants

If Charla thought the T-Rex was an issue just wait to she finds out the plants eat people too. Sometimes traveling can be such a dangerous adventure.



Dash of Cannibals

What prehistoric place is complete without a few people eating people? I wish I could say this went out with the dinosaurs but you know there are still some people today who eat people—Yuck! But for the sake of fiction my leading lady and man are just going to have to run faster if they don’t want to be dinner. And since I hate being totally grossed out they shall run faster.


FB square2

Combine all ingredients together, mix in a bit of psychological exploration and blend it well.

Sci-fi concoction

Time travel meets dimensional gateways combined with the possibility of no way home and Caged came together. Poor Charla…but you know if she had to be stuck in the land of the dinosaurs Bransten is not a bad man to be stuck there with.


Charla just thought she was lucky the fall hadn’t killed her, but when a very handsome American shows her a world she never knew existed she’s thrust into a battle for her life. It’s run or be eaten. Can she trust this stranger? Or would taking her chance with prehistoric beasts be the safer option?

Available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week, same time, same place.


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