Wednesdays with the Arts: The Art of the Story

Caged just released on Barnes and Noble and should be on Amazon later today. This story was fun for me. I love the science fiction themes and of course, even though time travel is sci-fi, what better way to up the sci-fi realm than to add in another dimension to the world, some prehistoric animals, and a mysteriously closing portal?

While you can read about Charla’s not so planned adventure to this prehistoric land, where even the plants eat people, you won’t read about the story behind the story anywhere other than here—my blog.

Caged        The Art of the Story

I’ve mentioned before that this story started off differently. Here’s what I mean. When I first thought of my prehistoric world story it was many years ago and I had a different leading lady in mind. I had a different leading man—probably a celebrity I was crushing on at the time, and I had a completely different theme—in a way at least.

In my original idea there wasn’t so much time travel as there was this lost section of the world where dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures were still around. My leading lady still landed on this plane, but my leading guy had gotten there some years earlier via a different route. They were from two different time periods so I guess you could say there was some time travel elements, but the focus wasn’t really time travel. There were just two people, from two different times, stuck on the same prehistoric plane.

However when I went back to work on the story everything changed to what it is now. Basically, the story became a new story. Maybe one day I’ll get back to the first version of this story and actually write it, but for now Caged is the only prehistoric time travel themed book in my Adventures Through Time series. Despite the differences, this book and the first book do share a few elements.

I find the magical world of writing to be amazing. Stories are born, they go through a metamorphosis of sorts and eventually the final product emerges. Caged was fun to write, fun to watch unfold as a movie in my head, and now, after putting the final touches on the book late last year, it is finally available to purchase.

Caged          Caged

Charla just thought she was lucky the fall hadn’t killed her, but when a very handsome American shows her a world she never knew existed she’s thrust into a battle for her life. It’s run or be eaten. Can she trust this stranger? Or would taking her chance with prehistoric beasts be the safer option?

Available on: Barnes and Noble

Coming Soon to: Amazon


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