Fly on the Wall Sunday: Hunted

hunted“Singular they were formidable enemies, but together they were simply unstoppable.”

Everybody knows her as Heather, but Debbie Porter is hiding a secret that could get her and everybody else in this small mountain town killed.

Keadon Myers, the retired Navy special ops man, isn’t a stranger to danger.  He came to Loral Hills to get his brother out of an emotional hell and back into reality. With one mission nearly behind him he’s taking on a new one—keep Debbie alive and give her the security she needs so she can stop running. Will Debbie’s nightmare hit end game in Loral Hills? Or will Keadon, with the help of his brother, defeat the men who have been hunting her for the past five years?

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“You don’t have to feel sorry for me.” She unlocked the door as he pulled up outside her home. He placed his hand on her arm. “I should have known he would find me. All the fishing trips around here I guess I should have known that even middle of the mountains Idaho wouldn’t be safe. Could you see me as a Felicia? It’s one of the IDs I have; maybe I should become her again. I still have the red wig.

“No,” he tried to keep his voice calm. “And you’re not leaving. It’s time you stop running. It’s time you take back your life. The life you should have had. You have to make your stand somewhere and you’re going to make it here. There are people here who would move hell to keep you safe.”

“That’s the problem, Keadon. He’ll kill them. Anybody who gets in his way they always vanish. You just don’t know what he’s capable of doing.”

“Pack your bags; you’re staying with me.”

“Look, Keadon, there are reasons that I can’t—”

“You can and you will.” He didn’t want to seem too forceful, as if he were barking orders that he expected her to follow, but he was giving orders and he did expect her to follow them. There was no way she was going to keep running for the rest of her life. That man could live until he was a hundred twenty and he would still be after her. Men like that didn’t give up what they felt they owned. He was sure the man felt he owned her. He bought her. He paid her mother’s price, legally purchased ownership of her as his daughter and then he took her; something about that made Keadon want to pound the man’s head in even more. He learned a lot about torture in his military days, and he wanted to use every piece of his knowledge paying due justice to this Jason Porter man.

“You don’t have to protect me,” she mumbled. “You just have to…let me go.”

 Available On: Amazon     Barnes and Noble     Lulu

More Excerpts are on the Sneak Peek page on this blog.


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