Friday Dish: Random Dish

It’s been a busy week. Something I thought was going to happen just really isn’t going to happen. It’s okay. I have a plan, but it is a setback because now it will take me longer to land where I should have landed in just a few days from today. Oh well, life is full of surprises and just because a person works at something it doesn’t mean that something is going to happen as planned. I’ve had enough disappointments in my life to not be surprised by this reality. It just means I have to move onward in a different direction.

I think, maybe, in some kind of way, that life has a way of preparing one for…life. They say things happen for a reason, and maybe that’s true. Maybe the setbacks, the hardships, the good times and the bad times, happen to prepare us for something down the road. Maybe we need all those things to really appreciate what we have and understand who we are. Or, it could be reasonless. Life could just happen to happen, but we find meaning to help us better cope with the things that happen.

At any rate, I am on a new journey and heading toward a new path. It might work out for me and it might not. One thing I do know given the major backlash my body has been giving me lately, is that I really have to learn how to stop worrying so much. Worry is like a bomb to your health; it ticks, and ticks, and ticks and eventually it explodes. The fallout is not a beautiful thing.

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week, same time, same place…(I think).


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