Wednesdays with the Arts: The Art of Purging

The art of purging…no, I haven’t mastered that yet. At least I’m neat and clutter free, but I really do need to learn how to effectively purge.

My father doesn’t keep cards. I had my, “but I send you cards!” moment. He told me he keeps them until the day the card was sent for passes, or for a couple days if it wasn’t sent for an occasion, and then he throws them away. Hey, Dad those cards aren’t so inexpensive anymore! But on the other end of that, it makes sense. Why do I still have cards from my HS graduation from people I don’t know anymore, and probably barely knew in the first place? Part of it is because when I was willing and ready to toss out my year book and memory book my mother took it out the trash bag and put it back on the shelf. She said, “you don’t throw stuff like that away,” and my dad agreed with her when I talked to him. Why? Really; I don’t even look at it. Why do I need it?

So the yearbook and HS stuff are safe–for now. But things I need to get rid of like clothes that don’t fit or that I haven’t worn in decades could be given away or tossed. I did purge some old clothes before. I find that sometimes when a piece makes it into the purge section I look at it and think, “you might wear that someday,” and so out it comes…only to make it back in there and out the very next time. Seriously, if I haven’t worn it in all this time it’s more than likely not going to happen…but you never know right so I hang on to it.

This “holding onto it” thing hits my cyber world too. I have a lot of different email accounts because they were started at different career points in my life. I don’t need the majority of them.  So yesterday I cleaned out emails with the intent to delete accounts…but I just couldn’t bring myself to click on the confirmation to delete them. You never know, I might use those accounts someday.

I am hoping I will master this art of purging at some point and actually get rid of email accounts.


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