Fly on the Wall Sunday: Hunted

hunted“Singular they were formidable enemies, but together they were simply unstoppable.”

Everybody knows her as Heather, but Debbie Porter is hiding a secret that could get her and everybody else in this small mountain town killed.

Keadon Myers, the retired Navy special ops man, isn’t a stranger to danger.  He came to Loral Hills to get his brother out of an emotional hell and back into reality. With one mission nearly behind him he’s taking on a new one—keep Debbie alive and give her the security she needs so she can stop running. Will Debbie’s nightmare hit end game in Loral Hills? Or will Keadon, with the help of his brother, defeat the men who have been hunting her for the past five years?

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She wasn’t sure how long she slept, but she was well aware of how she felt when her eyes snapped open. Her heart was racing like the Bullet Train going downhill as Keadon held both her wrists in his hands and used his body to hold her down.

“Debbie, it’s okay. It’s okay. You’re safe.”

She heard his words but that didn’t slow her racing heart.

“It’s okay,” he repeated softly.

When she settled enough to focus in on where she was, to really realize the man holding her was not the monster from her dreams, she felt guilty for awakening him. “I’m sorry,” she said breathlessly.

“Don’t be. You couldn’t control that.”

“I awakened you.”

“You were fighting the covers, tossing and turning in your sleep.” He still held on to her wrists but his grip had softened. He slid his index finger up and down her skin.

“I can’t escape him, not in my waking world, not in my dream world. I can’t escape him. I’ll never escape him.”

“You’ll escape him.” He released her wrists, removed his body from hers and rolled on to his back.

“How do you know that? Even if he doesn’t find me here this time he won’t ever give up. How do you know I’ll ever escape him?”

“Because I’m going to kill him.” He spoke those words so easily as if he were talking about cleaning the house or taking out the trash. That moment was when she realized Keadon wasn’t thinking he would hide her and make them think she left. How could he when her car was still at the rental house. They would know she wouldn’t leave without her car. Keadon wasn’t preparing for deception; he was preparing for war.

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