Friday Dish: This May Not Be for You

Hey. It’s another year and new people have definitely turned up on my blog, some of which decided to follow me for some reason. Thanks you all :). It’s nice having you here.

I won’t do this often because it’s really not that hard to see what I write about just by taking a look back at the blog, but it’s a new year so why not I guess.

Fridays are for the Dish. This blog day is open so I can Dish about what’s going on in my writing world or something else.

Saturdays are for Grow with words. Some of you actually did vote to keep Grow with Words on this blog and I will definitely do that. For those of you who are new, if you don’t like Grow with Words then Saturdays may not be the post days for you. I actually like this day. I learn new words, reinforce old words that I already know, and sometimes just get to have fun going on the hunt for what I am going to share while sometimes finding a way to make it relevant and expanding the post.

Growing with words is really good for any human, but especially for a writer. I hope you all have been able to find something that fits into your functional/writing world thus far. This Saturday (tomorrow) I have a word I didn’t know so I can’t wait to share that one. Some of you might know it, others might not.

Sundays are for the Fly on the Wall. I like Sundays because it keeps me focused on what this blog is really about – my writing. I should do more of that focused blogging and I do plan to try. I have a series of posts scheduled for editing that once done will take over all of the blogging days and will focus on my writing.

Wednesdays with the Arts is for art. Sometimes it’s the wearable arts, sewing and knitting, and sometimes it’s the edible arts, sometimes its audio, written, or even the visual arts. And of course, being that this blog is supposed to be about my writing sometimes it’s about that too.

Also, the 2nd Wednesday of each month is for the Indie Life blog hop. I signed up for this some time ago. I think it’s really a hop for Indie Lifers to get to read about each other and find support, but it’s been a while since I read the About part so don’t quote me on that.

There is one Cello Diaries per month. I do hope at some point this year to have something audio to share, but I don’t make any promises. I’m very hard on myself and I’m not sure I’ll ever feel anything is good enough.

So that’s about it. That’s my blog in a nutshell. Sometimes something might happen and I might work through it here, or I’ll come across something that makes me go “hmmm?” and I’ll talk about it here. But in general, this is it.

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week, same time, same place.


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